We will have the new Google Glass 2 available for hire once its realeased.

Early glimpses at the Google Glass Enterprise Edition reveal a similar device to the original Explorer Edition. It will still include a display, camera, and touchpad attached to a small frame – though this time it appears to feature a flexible hinged design.

That display seems to be a little bigger than before, too.

As noted way back in 2014, and since confirmed, the Google Glass 2 appears likely to be powered by an Intel CPU, and there will also be support for 5GHz Wi-Fi.

The addition of an optional add-on battery pack in addition to the built-in cell, combined with a more efficient CPU, should lead to improved battery life. So no more cutting out after 45 minutes, then.

But the most meaningful addition to Google Glass 2 may have nothing to do with hardware. Google is known to be encouraging business app development for the new device, which suggests that we’ll have much more meaningful things to do with the new AR wearable.