Google Glass Games


Google has just released a video that shows off some games for Google Glass that make use of the gyroscope and accelerometer. Is this the future for Smart Glasses? It appears to be the first real step towards real augmented reality gaming.

The games can be downloaded from the Google Developer page – assuming that you are one of the lucky ones to own google glass.

The video shows off a total of five mini games; the games available are Tennis, Balance, Clay Shooter, Matcher, and Shape Splitter. Whilst they are all pretty simple in their design, they nevertheless show off some of the capabilities of Google Glass and how they potentially could be applied to games in the future.¬†Each game takes advantage of at least one of Glass’ functions.

Whilst you still can’t buy your own pair of Google Glass yet as release date remains unannounced, developers and owners of Explorer Edition Glass can download them already.

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